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Michelle Sorbello
2012 ASEP Recipient and 2013 Adult Excellence Award Recipient
When I received the Imagine America $1,000 award it showed me that there are people out there who truly believe in others succeeding. I come from a 1-income household and receiving the scholarship meant the world to me. I was able to start my medical program earlier than having to wait until I saved up more money to pay for the program.
Edward Roldan
2012 ASEP Recipient and 2013 Adult Excellence Award Recipient
Receiving the Imagine America ASEP Award was just the motivation I needed. Since receiving the ASEP award I have a perfect attendance, 4.0 GPA, and I am involved in multiple extra-curricular activities in the school. Education is an expensive trail to embark on but I know with hard work, determination, focus, and help from Imagine America all things are possible. I am proud to be a recipient of the Imagine America ASEP Award and will always be an ambassador for them; they have and continue to help me with my education.
R. David Rankin
Executive Director, Ohio Association of Career Colleges & Schools
We use this data on a regular basis to show the impact our students and schools have on our economy.
Gena Wikstrom
Executive Director, Northwest Career College Federation
The Fact Book is an invaluable tool in our work with legislators and other policymakers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. In Idaho and Oregon, it is the only tool that provides data which demonstrates the number of job-ready graduates the private sector colleges provides employers. In all three states, we refer to the data as a credible resource, information that demonstrates our sector’s role in higher education and workforce development.
Jacob Cleary
Imagine America High School Scholarship Recipient
The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses. It will allow me to concentrate more of my time on studying. I will work hard and eventually I will be able to achieve my goals thanks to your support.
Steve Gunderson
President and CEO, Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU)
The Imagine America Foundation’s annual Fact Book contains a wealth of data about private sector colleges and universities and the students they serve, said Steve Gunderson. APSCU regularly uses this vital information when speaking with congressional members and the media.
Dennis Spisak
President, djSpisak Consulting
The IAF’s Fact Book has always been an extremely valuable resource for schools in the career college sector. The Fact Book provides our colleges with information and data, compiled by an independent agency, that they can utilize in support of the value and need of career colleges within postsecondary education. Every career college can truly benefit from the effort put forth by the IAF in providing such pertinent and timely information about our sector.
Michael Platt
CEO and Executive Chairman of PlattForm Advertising
The Imagine America Foundation’s annual Fact Book provides evidence of career schools valuable role in higher education and the more than 3.9 million students they serve.
Fred Lockhart
Executive Director, Arizona Private School Association
The IAF Fact Book is an invaluable resource for our sector of postsecondary education.
Brad Camp
Counselor, Orangewood High School - Redlands, CA
Imagine America is a program that Orangewood High School has been involved with for the last ten years, and has been such a wonderful program and such a help to Orangewood graduates. We’ve had a couple graduates who want to work with Auto Mechanics, Detailing, Auto Body, and would like to attend UTI, and we have been able to give them $1,000 to pursue that because of Imagine America. We’ve experienced the same with graduates who want to pursue an Art career and have received $1,000 to help them attend the Art Institute. The stories could go on, but the idea is that these opportunities are there for our graduates because of Imagine America. Thank you to Imagine America for having this program!
Kevin Burchett
Campus President, MIAT
MIAT has found that the Imagine America scholarship continues to bring qualified students to the school. In fact, we have found that there are higher retention rates and graduation rates from Imagine America scholarship winners. So it has given us the opportunity to recruit the best.
Jerry Valdez
Executive Director of Career Colleges and Schools of Texas
Whether I am meeting with the Higher Education Coordinating Board or Legislators at the state Capitol, the Imagine America Foundation’s FACTBOOK highlights the exceptional job career colleges are doing to graduate their students and enhance the workforce in Texas,” said Jerry Valdez, Executive Director of Career Colleges and Schools of Texas. “I also highly recommend participating in the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs, which provides assistance to thousands of career education students each year!
Jermaine Boyd
ASEP Recipient, Academy of Art University
Thank you very much for the extra funding for school. I am extremely grateful for your generosity and cannot possibly thank you enough. This will go a long way towards helping me continue my education in the arts.
Carolyn Crump
ASEP Recipient, Medical Careers Institute
With today's economy, more adults are finding they need to get a higher education, however there is not much help financially, which is why I was extremely excited to receive the Imagine America ASEP award.
Noble Salerno
MAP Recipient, Grantham University
As a result of receiving the scholarship, I was able to stay in school, while indirectly saving Christmas for my family. This was the first scholarship I have ever received and was deeply honored to be chosen.
Moises Torres
LDRSHIP Award Recipient, Lincoln College of Technology
The Imagine America Foundation scholarship program greatly impacted my ability to attend college because it helped me financially with my tuition. If it weren’t for the Foundation’s scholarship program, I would not have been able to obtain a degree.
Frank Longaker
President, National College
The Imagine America Foundation’s assistance to students in the Career College sector and the important research done by the IAF has the full support of National College and whatever resources we can allocate. When we evaluated all the worthwhile organizations we could help, no other group came close to matching the philosophies we wanted to advance through the College’s giving. The IAF will continue to be at the top of our preferred recipient organizations.
David Pauldine
President of DeVry University
The Imagine American Foundation plays a critical role in really raising awareness and funds to support ultimately the students that we’re all serving, and I couldn’t think of a more wholesome and worthwhile mission.