Nelnet promotes student opportunities through $25,000 donation to Imagine America Foundation

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Lincoln, Neb., (June 25, 2008) – Today, the Nelnet Foundation presented a $25,000 donation to the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) to fund Imagine America Promise scholarships. The Imagine America Promise Scholarship Program rewards college students who have demonstrated academic excellence and dedication. To date, this program has provided financial assistance to more than 500 students who attend institutions that focus on career education. With the donation from the Nelnet Foundation another 25 students will be $1,000 closer to paying for their education as they pursue their life-long goals.

Imagine America Promise is the fulfillment of our promise to help students, who have maintained academic excellence, overcome funding barriers to complete their career education,” said Robert L. Martin, President of IAF. “Thanks to Nelnet, these students are now closer to seeing their dreams through to graduation.”

The Imagine America Foundation (IAF) is a not-for-profit organization. In addition to its work to provide scholarship support for students of various backgrounds attending career colleges, IAF is also the publisher of vital research for higher education.

“We are proud and excited to offer scholarship assistance to deserving students preparing for important careers,” said Jeff Noordhoek, President of Nelnet. “Creating educational opportunities for students has always been and continues to be the focus of our philanthropic efforts.”

 The Nelnet Foundation carries out this vision by promoting education opportunities for individuals of all ages and supporting community-focused associations and initiatives. The scholarship and financial aid programs the Nelnet Foundation supports are designed to assist students and families in meeting their educational goals.

Contact: Krisztina Vida 609.896.1800 ext 53146

About Imagine America Foundation
The Imagine America Foundation (IAF), established in 1982, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarship, research and training support for the career college sector. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $37 million in scholarship and award support for graduating high school seniors, adult learners and U.S. military veterans attending career colleges nationwide through its award-winning Imagine America® programs. The Foundation also publishes vital research publications for the higher education sector, honors achievement in career education and offers faculty development training. For more information about the Imagine America Foundation’s programs, please visit

About Nelnet Foundation
For 30 years, Nelnet has been helping the education-seeking family plan, prepare, and pay for their education. The Nelnet Foundation was formed to provide a formal structure and consistency to the company's charitable giving. The vision of the Nelnet Foundation is to support educational dreams through charitable contributions and scholarships. It provides financial assistance to expand educational possibilities for youth and adults and support for community-focused programs and organizations.

Additional information is available at