Imagine America Foundation announces 2007 Pioneer Award Recipient

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Washington, D.C. (July 31, 2007) – For nearly 40 years, Dean Johnston has been on the frontline of the career college sector. He has selflessly devoted most of his life to education, enriching the lives of many along the way. On June 14, his efforts were recognized when the Imagine America Foundation presented him with one of their most prestigious honors.

During the Awards Luncheon at the annual Career College Association Convention in New Orleans, La., Johnston graciously received the Pioneer Award from the Imagine America Foundation.

"We are thrilled to present the Pioneer Award to Dean Johnston," said Bob Martin, president of the Imagine America Foundation. "Throughout his years of service, he has shown excellent leadership and support to many within the career college sector. It is an honor to present this award to him.

The Pioneer Award recognizes career college founders, owners or operators who have provided exceptional support and leadership in the career college sector. Recipients have distinguished themselves through the management of their institutions, their high ethical standards and devotion to innovation.

Johnston started his career in education in 1968. He is currently President of Santa Barbara Business College, where he has worked for 28 years. Throughout his career, he has grown to truly appreciate the business and what it does to enrich the lives of others.

"I owe a lot to many who helped me while I learned this business that I love so much," Johnston said. "Not many careers are as rewarding as the education business. Helping others succeed is a wonderful way to make a positive contribution to society."

The Pioneer Award has been awarded annually since its establishment in 2000. Including Johnston, 13 professionals in the industry have received the award.

"This was truly an unexpected honor, to say the least," Johnston said. "To be in the same company as some of the previous award recipients is the biggest compliment anyone could give me."

Contact: Bob Martin, Imagine America Foundation President
Phone: (202) 336-6758

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