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The Imagine America Foundation established the LDRSHIP Award in 2004 to recognize and honor exceptional career college students who have honorably served their country in the military and decided to further their education. The LDRSHIP Award offers cash grants toward college tuition to active duty, reservist, honorably discharged or retired U.S. military veterans attending a participating Imagine America institution.


Applicant Qualifications:
• Student must be a Military Award Program recipient
• Student must have completed at least one college term in his/her course of study
• Student's graduation date must be after September 30, 2015
• Student must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 or higher
• Student must currently have a 95 percent or higher attendance rate
• Student must write two statements; one on their experience at college and one on their experience in the military
• Student must obtain a written recommendation from a faculty member or college administrator
• Student must submit a picture (preferably in uniform, no group pictures)
• Student must submit college transcripts (these can be unofficial)
• Student must include a copy of his/her DD214/DD215 (if no longer active duty)


Imagine America Foundation Policies and Procedures:
• The number of recipients will depend on available funds
• The Foundation will review all applications and submit the completed applications to a scholarship committee
• Notice of recipients will be listed on the website and monies will be forwarded to the school
• The LDRSHIP Award is a onetime award; non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable
• All incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible
• Award can be revoked if recipient’s current education is discontinued for any reason



For more information about the LDRSHIP Award, please contact Lee Doubleday at leed@imagine-america.org.

Congratulations to the 2014 LDRSHIP Award Recipients:

  • Joseph Babin III, U.S Army: Wyotech - Daytona Beach, FL
  • Matthew Bizarre, U.S Marine: Triangle Tech - Bethlehem, PA
  • Cynthia Bodley, U.S Army National Guard: Westwood College - Atlanta, GA
  • Jamal Callwood, U.S Army National Guard: Westwood College - Atlanta, GA
  • Paul Camer, U.S Army: Keystone Technical Institute - Harrisburg, PA
  • Jason Cole, U.S Army: Grantham University -  Lenexa, KS
  • Dante Davis, U.S National Guard: Remington College - Mobile, AL
  • James Deaver, U.S Marine: Bryan University - Springfield, MO
  • Paul Dewberry, U.S Marine: Remington College - Mobile, AL
  • Brian Fabiano, U.S Navy: Triangle Tech - DuBois, PA
  • Alice Frey, U.S Navy: Remington College - Mobile, AL
  • Chad Grieff, U.S Air Force: Triangle Tech - DuBois, PA
  • Jamar Grisby, U.S Army: The Art Institute - Virginia Beach, VA
  • James Key, U.S Navy: Wyotech : Daytona Beach, FL
  • John McEwen, U.S Coast Guard : Advanced Technology Institute - Virginia Beach, VA
  • Michael Miller, U.S Army: Grantham University -  Lenexa, KS
  • Garrett Pardee, U.S Army: Triangle Tech - DuBois, PA
  • James Paular, U.S Army: Carrington College - Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Nicholas Peyton, U.S Army: The Art Institute - Durham, NC
  • John Reyes, U.S Air Force: Westwood College -  Upland, CA
  • April Russell, U.S Navy: InTellitec College -  Grand Junction
  • Jearld Sandberg, U.S Army: Wyotech -  Daytona Beach, FL
  • Nadir Sayaad, U.S Army: YTI Career Institute - Altoona, PA
  • Gary Tubbs, U.S Navy: Advanced Technology Institute - Virginia Beach, VA
  • Tina Valdez, U.S Navy: Medical Careers Institute -  Richmond, VA
  • Kody Whitall, U.S Marine: The Art Institute - Durham, NC

The Highest Honor

The Highest Honor

Career colleges know the commitments and personal sacrifices of military students and their families better than any other institutions of higher learning. Since the inception of the GI Bill shortly after World War II, career training-oriented colleges have been a popular destination for military veterans who prefer a hands-on approach to learning, one-on-one attention and courses that help them transition into jobs faster than traditional colleges or universities.

To emphasize this point – as well as to show the tremendous work of our nation’s career colleges – the Imagine America Foundation has assembled this publication sharing the stories of 26 students and graduates who have chosen to attend career college schools through the Foundation’s LDRSHIP award.  View The Highest Honor.

U.S. Military Students Receive Imagine America LDRSHIP Award to Aid With Tuition Cost

For the ninth consecutive year the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) proudly bestowed its LDRSHIP Award to 11 members of the U.S. military.  Since the awards’ inception, more than $400,000 has been awarded to exceptional military students attending career colleges nationwide. The LDRSHIP Award provides $2,500 in cash grants to be applied toward the recipient’s college tuition. Full press release.

Congratulations to the 2013 LDRSHIP Award Recipients

  • Chauntia Bolden, U.S. Air Force: Remington College – Mobile, AL
  • Jodie Cox, U.S. Army: Bryan University – Springfield, MO
  • Ashley Hasert, U.S. Air Force: Carrington College California – Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Earl McCracken, U.S. Army: Lincoln Technical Institute – Union, NJ
  • Wilfredo Mercado, U.S. Army: Florida Technical College – Deland, FL
  • Jeffrey Norden, U.S. Air Force: Everest University – Tampa, FL
  • Ivan Ochoa-Chacon, U.S. Air Force: Automotive Training Center – Warminster, PA
  • Rebecca Peterson (Moore), U.S. Army: Miller-Motte Technical College – Conway, SC
  • Anita Ray, U.S. Air Force: Pinnacle Career Institute – Kansas City, MO
  • Justin Richey, U.S. Army: ECPI University – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Larry Stout, U.S. Marine: Triangle Tech – Du Bois, PA

Imagine America Foundation 2013 LDRSHIP Award

Imagine America Foundation 2012 LDRSHIP Award

2012 LDRSHIP Award Recipients:

  • Chad Cagle, United States Army: Grantham University – Kansas City, Mo.
  • Shera Diaz, United States Army: InTellitec Colleges – Colorado Springs, Co.
  • Somatie Dowell, United States Navy: Art Institute of Virginia Beach – Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Cory Gifford, United States Navy: Harrison College – Elkhart, In.
  • Nichole Gladkowski, United States Air Force: Colorado Technical University – Greenwood Village, Co.
  • Jill Guilfoyle, United States Army: Daymar College – Bellevue, Ky.
  • Rudy Hernandez, United States Air Force: Westwood College – Los Angeles – Los Angeles, Ca.
  • Stephen Long, United States Army: NASCAR Technical Institute – Mooresville, NC
  • Janet Nielsen, United States Army: YTI Career Institute – Mechanicsburg, Pa.
  • Daniel Pennington, United States Army: Lincoln College of Technology – Indianapolis, In.
  • Miguel Urbina, United States Army: San Joaquin Valley College – Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

2011 LDRSHIP Award Recipients:
Edward Costantino, United States Navy (Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics – West Mifflin, Penn.); Manuel DaRosa, United States Navy (Everest University – Orlando, Fla.); Adam Holybee, United States Marine Corps (Remington College – Honolulu, Hawaii); Santovia Hornsby-Johnson, United States Army (Virginia College – Augusta, Ga.); DeAnne Jacobsen, United States Navy (IntelliTec Colleges – Grand Junction, Colo.); Joy Mattson-Dossey, United States Air Force (Harrison College – Indianapolis, Ind.); Donna Parker, United States Army National Guard (Miller-Motte Technical College – Chattanooga, Tenn.); Keven Robinson, United States Army (Lincoln College of Technology – Grand Prairie, Texas); Lauren Santiago, United States Navy (Anthem College – Atlanta, Ga.); Jeff Sedgwick, United States Marine Corps (Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology – Canton, Mich.)

List of LDRSHIP Recipients

2010 LDRSHIP Recipients:
Jessica McGloin (International Academy of Design and Technology – Orlando, Fla.); Latisha Jefferson (Remington College – Shreveport, La.); Alfredo Rosado (Westwood College – Chicago, Ill.); Mark Rauschenberg (National College – Youngstown, Ohio); Kimberly Cupery (Herzing University – Madison, Wisc.); Matthew Demaske (ECPI College of Technology – North Charleston, S.C.) and Melissa Gridley (The Art Institute of Tampa – Tampa, Fla.)

2009 LDRSHIP Recipients:
Lance Credeur (Remington College – Lafayette, La.); Christopher Harkleroad (Triangle Tech – Du Bois, Pa.); Christina Jaramillo (Prove College – Provo, Utah); Juan Sapon (ITT Technical Institute – Houston, Texas); and Moises Torres (Lincoln College of Technology – Grand Prairie, Texas).

2008 LDRSHIP Recipients:
Sarah Ambrozik (DeVry University – Miramar, Fla.); Wayne Geldbach (Everest University – Clearwater, Fla.); Raymond Havnen, Jr. (Vatterott College – St. Louis, Mo.); Sokmaly Prak (ITT Technical Institute – King of Prussia, Pa.); Edwin RamosRey (Heritage Institute – Jacksonville, Fla.); and Michael Vera (DeVry University – Arlington, Va.).

To participate, contribute or for more information about the LDRSHIP Award, please contact the Foundation at ldrship@imagine-america.org.