Lincoln Technical Institute – Columbia Serves Up Something New

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College Spotlight

by Danica Benson


The Imagine America Foundation recently got a whiff of something new over at the Lincoln Technical Institute campus in Columbia, MD. We decided to pay a visit to check it out, and what we found was quite exciting. Lincoln Technical Institute has opened a brand-new Culinary Arts wing. Three new modern industrial kitchens – two for cooking and one for baking – have been added to the 95,000 sq. ft. facility. The wing also has an in-house diner/café where training in the use of the latest restaurant, point-of-sale, wireless technology is offered to hospitality management students.

Leo Perfetta, Assistant Director of Admissions and Certified Campus Trainer (and our tour guide), told us that the program opened its doors to 2007 high school graduates this July. The program is 72 credit hours and runs 15 months for day and afternoon students and 21 months for evening students. Beyond introductory culinary courses, other topics of study include global cuisines, hospitality management, and contemporary pastries and showpieces. Based on program information provided by the school, the program lays the foundation for students who aspire to become chefs, garde-managers and sous chefs and is designed to qualify graduates “as entry-level culinarians capable of pursuing employment opportunities in restaurants, hotels, institutional foodservice, catering organizations” and more.

As enticing as their culinary program is, it’s not all Lincoln Technical Institute – Columbia has to offer. Three other programs operate out of its central Maryland facility: the Automotive program, the Electronic Systems Technician program and the HVAC program. As we toured the campus we saw many passionate students, some there on their own time, working on projects in the various on-site labs.

Lincoln Technical Institute’s Automotive program prepares its students to become ASE-certified service professionals. The campus is also an official training provider of the BMW STEP program, which is an exclusive automotive technical education program.

COLUMBIA.MDThe on-site safe house enables students in the Electronic Systems Technician program to have a fully hands-on educational experience as they learn the latest standards and techniques to design, troubleshoot and service various home and office electronic communication and security systems. Through ongoing instructor training and up-to-date curriculum development, the HVAC program helps its students prepare for industry-standard certifications for entry-level positions as an HVAC technician.

It was apparent throughout the tour that inspiring and recognizing hardworking, committed students is a top priority at Lincoln Technical Institute – Columbia. In addition to labs equipped with modern tools and technology, there are on-site financial aid assistance and other support services. In almost every wing the names and photos of top achieving students were posted. There is even reserved premium parking for the student-of-the-month. It was plain to see that students receive the motivation, resources and support they need to succeed.

Lincoln Technical Institute – Columbia is one of more than 30 Lincoln Educational Services campuses nationwide offering opportunities for high school graduates to gain entry-level experience into a particular career field or for adults to sharpen their skills or learn new ones. To learn more about Lincoln Technical Institute – Columbia or any of the other Lincoln Educational Services campuses and offerings, please visit