UTI: Not Your Typical Education

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College Spotlight

by Jenny Faubert

MechanicsThe automotive service field has high pay and a great demand for workers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average annual salary for jobs in the automotive service department range from $32,000 to $57,000. The numerous students seeking higher education in this field can look to Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (UTI). UTI schools offer specialized technical education programs in automotive, diesel, collision repair, and motorcycle and marine technician specialist.

Over 40 years ago UTI started with 11 students. Today, they have more than 80,000 graduates. The first program offered was automotive technician training. These days UTI and its divisions – NASCAR Technical Institute, Custom Training Group, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and Marine Mechanics Institute – offer programs such as Harley-Davidson technician training, Marine Technician Specialist, manufacturer-specific advanced training, and Automotive Technology. If you dream of working in a NASCAR pit crew or becoming a Harley-Davidson technician, UTI can provide the education.

Mechanics working on carsStaff at UTI schools will do everything they can to assist students. Re-locating? Need help finding housing or part-time employment? The school's student services center can assist you. If you need to work, as most students do, the employment services department will provide a list of job openings. Life can become a lot easier considering staff members will work with you one-on-one to provide job leads. Financial aid opportunities for qualified students are also available at UTI.

Rich Brady, Scholarship and Grant Manager at UTI, and the staff at the Imagine America Foundation work together closely. On a yearly basis approximately 2,000 high school students enrolling at UTI schools receive Imagine America scholarships. "The Imagine America Foundation performs two very important functions in this country. First, helping tomorrow's skilled workers find the best school to teach them what they need to know to do the work they want to do; and second, helping them afford that education," said Rich.

Students can study at one of ten UTI campuses in Avondale, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; Rancho Cucamonga, California; Sacramento, California; Orlando, Florida; Glendale Heights, Illinois; Mooresville, North Carolina; Exton, Pennsylvania; Norwood, Massachusetts; or Houston, Texas. Offering a superior education and numerous student services, UTI is one of the top schools in its field.

"UTI has been a valuable partner in the Imagine America program since its creation in 1998," said Bob Martin, President of the Imagine America Foundation. "In that period, UTI has provided thousands of graduating high school seniors with Imagine America scholarships. We are indebted to UTI for their leadership and support."