Antonelli College – Dedicated to Students Receiving a Quality Education

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College Spotlight

By Andrea Spisak

Antonelli College understands the importance of a student’s experience at their chosen college. Antonelli College believes that this experience begins before a student starts his or her classes and continues beyond graduation. To ensure that students have a positive experience, Antonelli College provides each student with a dedicated admissions representative and a financial aid administrator who work in tandem to help the student choose the program that best fits their educational needs and goals.

This personalized experience continues in the classroom with small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio. In addition, Antonelli College utilizes a hands-on learning style of learning by doing and a career-focused education, which eliminates non-essential classes. This potent combination successfully prepares students for immediate and sustained employment in their chosen field. Throughout a student’s time at Antonelli College, the Career Services department works with the student to build their resume, prepare for any profession-specific needs and improve their interviewing skills. That way, once they begin their job search, they not only have the necessary career skills, but also the ability to locate, interview for and obtain employment.

Antonelli College, a well-known part of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio, has held to their belief in the importance of students’ experiences by continuing their tradition of quality teaching in the fields of visual arts, business, health and well-being, and medical, and presenting students with the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents into professional skills.

The college began as the Gebhardt Art School in 1947 with the philosophy of educating the total artist, based on the fundamentals of craftsmanship. In the mid-1970s, the college was renamed the Ohio Visual Art Institute, and in 1982, it became Antonelli College. During the 1990s, a degree program was added in Business Office Technology, and in January 2005, more programs were added in Health Information Technology and Massage Therapy. In January 1996, branches in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, were opened, thus continuing this long-standing tradition of quality career education.

In 2008, Antonelli College launched their Online Virtual campus, which has quickly become one of the largest “campuses” offering a variety of programs. In late 2009, Antonelli College opened their West Chester Ohio satellite facility, which currently offers Interior Design and Hospitality Arts degree programs. All programs offered at Antonelli College are accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and are occupational in nature.

Antonelli College’s dedication to their students has won them numerous awards and recognitions. In 2006, the Cincinnati campus was reaccredited as an ACCSC School of Distinction. Several Antonelli students have won the Graduate Recognition for Excellence, Achievement and Talent (GREAT) Award at the CCA Conference, including the last two years, which makes Antonelli College one of the select few schools in history to have consecutive winners.

Antonelli College’s dedication to their students’ experiences allows them to help students identify a career they love and obtain it through their education. If a student is willing to commit to achieving their goals, Antonelli College can give them the training, skills and ability to reach those goals and be successful.

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